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links to most of my other pages.
The Three Vampires
come and read about me and my delusional friends. hehehe
The Underground
I'm slowly redeeming this site. Contains an album review and some original fiction.
My Role Playing Characters
self explanatory. I just have my BB chars up at the moment. I'll add my V:tM some.. uh year.
Shatterstar's Deadjournal
my deadjournal! gah, i just couldn't stay away from the whole online journal thing for long.
Community for poets, artists, writers, musicians, and athlets. If you're creative or critical, check it out, maybe get yourself published, and spread the word.
Poetic Empty LJ Community
sign up and post your stuff, yo

Other People's Pages

my cousin Amber's site.
And I just hate these flourescent lights
Amber's livejournal. great music recs and mp3s
Kendra's Deadjournal
well, Kendra's deadjournal, duh.
Talena's Journal
my other best friend Niki's deadjournal.
Andrew's webpage. Go here or DIE!!!
Liz the Assassin
Liz's homepage. AMAZING art.
By The End of the Year
My friend Keith's band. I say it's hardcore, Keith argues it's metal... whatever, they rock. And Keith is fucking sexy as hell.
This is Mike's band. They're one of the best hardcore/metal bands around here and Mike is a sweetheart... so go to one of their shows!!!
Edalanflo's Journal
Rocky's site... this is a fine example of why "Friends shouldn't let friends be emo".
Matt's Page
um my ex-boyfriend's page. if ya wanna trade bootlegs of punk bands, he'd be the guy to see.
XSuicidalX's Livejournal
matt's livejournal
melodywhore music
check out music and mixes by my cousin's friend
Writing on the Wall
Kendra's Zine.
a freakin awesome comic about a demon girl going to highschool. it has ended
i think everyone's obsessed with this comic. it ended but sandra has a new comic.
friendly hostility
sandra's new comic. see, i'm so helpful
the most gorgeous art i've ever seen. go. read. updated sporadically
one of my faves at the moment. everyone seems to be suffering from memory loss and hot bishie action.
really really freakin cute. Kinda twisted, too. Mysterious letters appear with simple tasks that cause horrific chains of events to occur. updated sporadically
this is about Zoe, a MtoF transgendered who is trying to fit in. the story's really good so far.
they ended the jar!!! ::cries:: but the new comic about a fanboy getting turned into a female valkyrie is awesome so far. updated sporadically
two guys stuck in japan with lots of l337 speak, female robots, and BEER.
Yeah, I'm in *love* with this comic. it tends to disappear a lot though.
Nothing Nice to Say
speaking of disappearing... i dunno if it's a bandwidth issue or bad luck, but NN2S is back to being regularly updated even if the site disappears sometimes. first punk comic online + really good music recs.
Kierston got me hooked on this. It's about these two keys with the power to unite two lost lovers or destroy heaven and earth. (Ashley and Seth need to hook up!!!)
Another one thanks to Kierston. It varies from being super cute to twisted as hell and I love it. Yay for mental insanity.
It's a university for monsters of varying types. Nice artwork as well.
Diesel Sweeties
Pixels and pop culture. Moira is an ex-porn star dating a robot with a bunch of friends such as Indie Pete, Metal Steve, and Pale Suzie.
Fae and Vampires and lots of gender swapping. This comic has ended.
Oh My Gods!
all the characters look like Playskool people and the Pope jokes are freakin hilarious!
this elf is damn funny and definitely not politcally correct. has not been updated in a while.
penny arcade
yeah... it's been getting good again lately. sometimes they make references to games i've never heard of and i just don't get the joke.
the opposite sex
and now for something completely different... yeah, this was written in the 80s (so be gentle!) and is currently being posted online for the first time.
i personally would compare it to "Waking Life". according to the author it's, "A slightly surreal story of doomed relationships, seaside towns, and misguided escapism."
john and alex, those naughty foul-mouthed alcoholic and sexy boys, take off on a road trip. and i believe they're a couple... not sure about much else since the comic is still very new.
real bands have electric guitars. quite possibly my favorite at the moment. and it's british!!!
relationships and such in highschool... and some of the best art ever.
what do you do after winning a fight against satan to retrieve your bf's soul, only to have to kill him? why, you become a cold blooded killer for hire of course.

Cool Sites

Tucker Max
Belligerance and Debauchery. Best fucking site ever.
Baby named a bad, bad thing
some parents just need to be shot.
australian vampire information association (it rocks)
Blood & Beers
a drunken btvs fanfic archive
home of lazuli kat's fabulous fics!
yea, i'm addicted to this site. i even have my own white aisha and doglefox now ::huggles them:: i'll put a picture up someday.
Team Fishcake
odd british humour
all the other food you can't find on animecastle
british delights
aero bars!!!
earthian by yun kouga
earthian, the best freakin anime series there is. i have the manga, i have the anime, i'm searching for action figures. i am an obsessive fan.
a forum for the pittsburgh punk scene
the witches' voice
cool witchcraft site. they usually link to lots of good aclu cases.
it's everyone's addiction. email me and i'll add you... not like you care or anything.
Mainichi Daily
Japanese Tabloid. It rocks.
Metal Underground
Where to go to find out when metalcore and hardcore bands are playing near you.
Boys Kissing
The Boys Kissing LJ community. Full of yummy scene boys making out.
Heavy Red
This is where i buy my goth clothes.
The City Drive
Danny Smith from BWOC's band.
Ghost of the Robot
James Marsters from BTVS's band.
james marsters
his official solo site
akshewolf got their Neopet at

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