the story
I used to have a comic called At The Stars. It still exists on my old websites, but it's no longer being updated. Why? Well, I began dating the boy with Micheal's birthday and all was well. I even started sneaking personal things and events into the comic. But it was too good to be true of course, and so I felt I couldn't continue with the now very personal storyline after that break up. Which is why I created
Blood & Coffee
Although real life sometimes sneaks its way into the punchlines, the characters are more so a composite of many, many people which alleviates real life from affecting my ability to write it. all in all, it's much lighter work for me emotionally. Blood & Coffee got its start from a running joke my friends and I have about our town being situated on the hellmouth (we actually had a different word for it back in the pre-btvs days, but i can't remember it and hellmouth is quite apropos). Some of the more magically inclined in town even claim that weird red light has been known to eminate in tendrils from the abandoned elementary school building (yea, I went there as a kid). but anyway, a group of teens from the different groups and scenes at school (emo, goth, indie, popular/jock, fashion-core) kind of have destiny pull them together in order to fight the baddies that are starting to overpopulate the area. (why now? well i can't give away the freakin plot!) the comic won't all be about monsters and fighting of course. it will strongly focus on the relationships between the characters and will often get used as my own personal forum to make fun of emo boys - er, i mean *all* the scene kids. yeah, uh huh. yea, did anyone notice the "spoon" poster in elliott's room? yeaaaa i'm so clever ahahahhahaha.

Name: Lindsey
Nicknames: Lee, Lins, Jonny, Kali, Zoe, The Dark Goddess, Chai, Blondie, Shewolf
Hair: Brown, with random blonde and red... occasionally dyed purple
Eyes: brown. much in need of contacts or brown emo glasses
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 102-104
Birthday: Oct. 14: if you love me, you'll look at my wishlist
Year: College Graduate!!!
Music: Goth, Punk, Indie, Emo, 80s, rock, alt, and some random others
Favorite Painting: Starry Night by Van Gogh
Status: single. asexual. i hate men ;) Employment:

Alright, time to ramble. Yea so I just graduated college and I really did live with Scarlet from ATS. I have a BA in Philosophy. My minor is Japanese and I was President of the Religion and Philosophy Club. I was Valedictorian in High School and did quite a few extracurriculars - newspaper and band being my faves. I am a master at procrastinating, which is why i never update this thing. I have a pet fish named Simon who is the stupidest fish alive. I used to be really big into role-playing games. Just go here if you want to check out my characters and such. and yes, the pics of Zoe are really me from 11th grade. Sneaky, huh? I'm addicted to such foods as chocolate, coffee, tea, ice cream, pizza, curry, and anything japanese. I obviously am also addicted to anime and manga and online comics. I own two lovely kitanas, 5 decks of tarot cards (The Lord of the Rings (the original one), Carl W. Rohrig, and Aleister Crowley (In italian since I bought it in Venice), The Fairy Deck, The Gothic Tarot and I actually dated a guy who was coincidentally born on the same date as Micheal from ATS and was similar in other ways as well (i'm serious. i made the date up years before i met him).

You can usually find my friends and I frequenting some random 24 hr place such as Sheetz, Perkin's, Denny's, Eat n' Park, or Wal-Mart. We also are obsessed with Borders. I guess from what I've been hearing online a lot of people find their local Borders store oppressive. Well, ours is awesome... most likely due to the Anarchist staff. I also spend a lot of time in Pittsburgh and attending Punk shows. They make me happy. My favourite dance club shut down for the millionth time so i haven't been dancing in a while. My absolute favourite alcholic beverage is a White Russian (thanks to the dude). I read a lot, particularly things like Harry Potter, Christopher Pike's The Last Vampire series, things by Neil Gaiman, Memnoch the Devil (or anything Anne Rice), Paulo Coehlo, Stranger in a Strange Land, A Clockwork Orange, Desmond, Janet Evanovich, etc. I also have a yen for video games, which is another reason why I never do my school work or update my comic. I'm a goth by nature but i don't always dress the part. My favourite colour just happens to be blue/purple damnit! Oh and I have a lovely lovely vehicle- a 2003 black Ford Escape. Maybe someday I'll explain what happened to the ones before it.

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